Millets, a traditional super food for babies diet

Let’s explore some healthy food for your babies…..

Millets are small seeded cereal available in a wide variety. In the ancient time it is being consumed as a staple food. Millets are generally packed up with minerals, vitamin,protein and fiber. But in the run of modernisation we have left some healthy habits. so let’s get insight in to different types of millets available around us and it’s benifits.

1.Finger millets

These dark brown millets have a rich source of calcium. As we know calcium plays a vital role in strengthening bones in children. In India finger millets are called as RAGI. You can give a try to figure millets porridge,finger millets cookies. Your baby will definitely love it.

2. Barnyard millets

These millets are available in a white and yellow colour . And these are a good source of iron. In India it is being popular as samvat ke chawal, generally consumed during fast. By mixing it with sagoo you can make idly ,dosa out of it. Also samvat ke kheer is very delicious.

3.Kodo millets

In India its got a variety of name such as kodrav, kodra,kodri. These grains can store up to a longer period. These dark grey colour millets are full with magnesium. By mixing it with moong dal and vegitable of your choice you can make kodo millets khichdi.

4. Pearl millets

Pearl millet or Bajra is a quite famous millets in India. In winter season bajra ki roti is a popular food among north Indian. These millets haveing a rich source of antioxidant , also these have some property which stimulate digestion.

5.Foxtail millets

Kanganee or foxtail millets are extremely rich in protein and fiber. Also it has a great amount of lecithin. Foxtail millets upma , foxtail millets lemon rice are good option for your growing baby.

Fast-food for your babies…

Dear mom’s is it necessary give fast food to your baby every time he through a fuss…….

I think the answer is no for every indian mom’s.children don’t know the side effect of fast food,how it can impact there health in long run .But we moms can understand the same. The fast food available in market contains high sugar,salt, colouring agent,harmful transfat etc….and obviously very low vitamins and minerals. So better to avoid it. I know it is convenient because many of us are working ladies but the main concern is our child helath.m I right????

So the question arries here is what we can give insteed of fast here bellow are some healthy food for your babies. You can make and store some of these food and some of these you have to made it instant.

1. Sesame seeds and gud ke ladoo

2. Dry fruits ladoo

3. Gond ke ladoo

4. Gujrati sukhdi(made from wheat flour and jeggery)

5. Sprouts salad(green moong, brown chana etc)

6. Roasted peanuts

7. Baked Wheat flour and semolina mathri

8 . Murmure ke ladoo

9. Fruits salad

I know it is quite difficult to change a child habit. So you have to started this at a very young age. Teach them the pros and cons of fast food vs home made food. And lastly don’t wait till your child is too much hungry…


Plastic contains dangerous chemicals like BPA,BPS, PHTHALATES …



BPA also called as bisphenol A used to make strong and resilient plastic . Commonly used in making plastic containers,baby bottles and other house hold item.


BPS is a substitute of BPA called as bisphenol s.


This chemicals used in making of plastic products to maintained it flexibility, durability , longevity and to make it transperant.

Side effects of these chemicals

Exposure to these chemicals affect your child in long run rather than immediate

1. Increase obesity

2. Affect nervous system

3. Affect immune system

4. Male genital devlopment

5. Increase risk of cardio vascular disease

(parents can do there own research regarding this , many contains are available over internet. I am just trying to put a step towards make people aware.)

Are BPA free plastic really safe

No you can’t say it is 100% safe.when you feed your baby in plastic bottles or plates some chemicals from the bottles or plates seep into the food .Thus along with the food your baby taking the chemicals also….

Single grains cerelac recipe

Preferred for 6month+ baby…

Step 1: Took any one kind of whole grains of your par boiled rice,brown rice,any kind of millets, barley, wheat etc…

Step 2: Clean the grains and soak it in water for 2 to 3 hours.

Step 3: Drain the water and tie it in a cotton cloth for 1 hour.

Step 4 : Then take out the grains in a plate and dry under sun for 1 to 2 hour.

Step 5 : Heat a pan and roast the grains until it turns darker.

Step 6 : Took it in a plate and let it cool down

Step 7 : Griend it to a fine powder and store it in a air tight container.

Step 8 : When needed heat a cup of water and mix two tea spoon of cerelac stir it continuously until it forms a puree like texture. Now it’s ready for your baby.


1- preferred organic grains because it is free of chemical and pesticides.

2- you can add natural sweetner like dry dates powder and dry fruits powder to enhance the taste.

3- avoid adding sugar until your child become one year old.

4- please try one grains at a time to make sure that your kid is not allergic to any certain food.


Step 1: Take any fruit or vegetable of your choice like peas,carrot, avocado,apple,pumpkin, potato ,sweet potatoetc.

Step 2 : wash the fruits or vegetables thoroughly.

Step 3 : peel off the skin and chop them . Remove the seeds.

Step 4 : Give it a boil in hot water or steam them until it becomes soft.

Step 5 : remove it from gas and let it cool down

Step 6 : Griend it to a smooth puree .

Step 7 : Take it in to a bowl and add natural sweetner to enhance the taste. please avoid adding sugar until your child become one year old.

Home made food for 8 to 10 months baby

Rice cerelac

STEP 1 : wash a cup of boiled or par boiled rice.

STEP 2 : soaked the rice for 1 hour.

STEP 3 : remove the water and dried the rice under sun for 1 hour.

STEP 4 : heat a pan and fry the rice utill it become puffed.let it cool down

STEP 5 : griend it to a fine Powder and store it in a air tight container.

STEP 6 : when needed boil some water ,then add one teaspoon of rice powder and stir continuously till it become puree like texture.

STEP 7 : pour the cerelac in to a bowl . You may add a teaspoon of formula milk and a teaspoon of sugar for test.(you can replace sugar by natural sweetner like dry dates powder).

Home made food for 6 to 8 months baby

Apple puree

STEP 1 : peel the apple. cut it in to small pieces and remove the seeds

STEP 2 : steam it for 15 minutes or until it become soft.

STEP 3 : remove it from the steamer and let it cool down.

STEP 4 : blend it to a smooth puree and pour it in to a bowl for your baby.

Sweet potato Puree

STEP 1 : wash andpeel the sweet potato . cut it in to small pieces.

STEP 2 : steam it for 15 to 20 minutes or it become soft.

STEP 3 : remove from the steamer and let it cool down.

STEP 4 : blend it to a smooth puree and pour it in to a bowl.