Fast-food for your babies…

Dear mom’s is it necessary give fast food to your baby every time he through a fuss…….

I think the answer is no for every indian mom’s.children don’t know the side effect of fast food,how it can impact there health in long run .But we moms can understand the same. The fast food available in market contains high sugar,salt, colouring agent,harmful transfat etc….and obviously very low vitamins and minerals. So better to avoid it. I know it is convenient because many of us are working ladies but the main concern is our child helath.m I right????

So the question arries here is what we can give insteed of fast here bellow are some healthy food for your babies. You can make and store some of these food and some of these you have to made it instant.

1. Sesame seeds and gud ke ladoo

2. Dry fruits ladoo

3. Gond ke ladoo

4. Gujrati sukhdi(made from wheat flour and jeggery)

5. Sprouts salad(green moong, brown chana etc)

6. Roasted peanuts

7. Baked Wheat flour and semolina mathri

8 . Murmure ke ladoo

9. Fruits salad

I know it is quite difficult to change a child habit. So you have to started this at a very young age. Teach them the pros and cons of fast food vs home made food. And lastly don’t wait till your child is too much hungry…

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